What We Can Pickup

Listed below are all the items we can pick up for recycling. If you have any questions about any items that we can pick up please feel free to give us a call or chat with us.

  • We pick up all types of mattresses for recycling. From memory foam to Sleep Number air beds and everything in between. We also take mattresses in any condition as long as they do not have bed bugs.

  • We take all box springs for recycle no matter what they are made of as long as they do not have bed bugs.

  • We take standard metal bed frames, wooden bed frame and headboard/footboards. We also take any bed frame accessories such as bed slats, headboards and footboards.

  • We pick up all types of foam toppers, or any bedding accessories. Some accessories including sheets, pillow tops pillows and comforters.

  • We can recycle the mattress part of your futon. This also includes the mattress part of any couch beds, daybeds, or bunk beds. We can also recycle any of these bed frames as long as they are broken down.

  • We recycle all bedding accessories including pillows. sheets. or blankets.