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  • Pick Up & Proper Disposal

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  • Fast and Easy!

    "Choosing Bedsaway for mattress recycling was a smart move โ€“ fast, easy, and convenient, they exceeded our expectations." โ€“ John S.

  • Hassle-free!

    "Bedsaway's mattress recycling service is a game-changer โ€“ quick, hassle-free, and environmentally responsible." โ€“ Jane K.

  • Efficient!

    "Bedsaway turned mattress recycling into a positive experience โ€“ their efficient and eco-friendly service made decluttering our space a breeze." โ€“ Anne L.

Dedicated Mattressย  Removal Experts

Our mattress disposal teams include over 30 drivers, mattress tear down operators, and managers. Our team members love the Chicagoland area they work for and are proud to be a part of making the world a cleaner and greener place to live.ย 

Do You Have Questions?

What areas do you service?

We service all of Chicagoland area and suburbs. When you book online the system will ask for your zip code to make sure you are in our service area.

How do I schedule a mattress pickup with Beds Away?

Scheduling a mattress pickup with Beds Away is easy! Simply visit our website and click on the "Book a Pickup" button. Select al the items you wish to recycle, select a convenient date and time, and complete the booking. You can also contact our customer support for assistance.

What types of mattresses do you accept for recycling?

We accept a wide range of mattresses for recycling, including innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. Whether it's a twin, queen, or king size, we're here to responsibly recycle your old mattress and reduce environmental impact.

What happens to my mattress after it's picked up by Beds Away?

Once we pick up your mattress, we ensure it goes through a thorough recycling process. This includes dismantling and separating materials for recycling. We prioritize environmentally friendly methods to dispose of the various components, striving to minimize waste and contribute to a sustainable future.

If You Have Any Other Questions